6 de ago de 2013

KRT - Multiple paths

       This round of KRT was about to have multiple spiritual paths while kemetic. When I say "it was" is because I'm late to post. I know, I know, there's another post already scheduled but I'll post anyway.
       The question "But I'm _ _ _ _ _ (insert what you want), can I be kemetic too?" is in top 10 of most asked questions I have seen. Yes, you can but you need to follow certain conditions, in my opinion.
       Well, in this life I believe in energy. And coherence. I know there are kemetic orthodox people who follow monotheistic religions. To me, this is an antagonistic energy shock and a lack of coherence both in epic level - "there's no god except me" monotheistic religions say. What follows next is pretty logical (or ilogical): if there's no possibility to have another god, then it's wrong follow other god(s) and here we have an incompatibility. Some people will say that due to monolatry aspec of kemetic orthodoxy this situation is possible because Netjer would be YWVH/Jesus/Yoshua/Allah with other name. This idea is broke by remembering the monotheistic approach about exclusive cult.
        After that, it comes respect. Not that kind of "social" respect people claim to have, but the respect about paths someone has chosen (or was chosen). I'm a great enthusiast of  Hellas Pantheon and I have a crush on Hermes. Hellenic libations, for instance, are different from kemetic libations. Due to respect, I'll keep them like they are and I won't change anything to kemetic because it's easier. This is respect the tradition,  the gods, the devoutness. 
          Then it comes commitment. To keep yourself loyal to path's principles, to oaths you took, promises you made. You, buddhist and dharma believer, believe it. You, triple law-skyclad-wiccan, celebrate. However, you must understand that depending where you are in House of Netjer, you must honor kemetic gods and their festivals first. You'll need time for that.
         I believe in diversity. Then, if there's someone who feels inclined to follow another path along with kemetic orthodoxy (or the opposite, follow kemetic orthodoxy being from another path), consider energy, coherence, respect and commitment. Of course, consult the gods, for sure! If everything is ok, have a great journey. 
           And about invitations to another religions rites? Same process. But always remember the most important item to consider: be yourself!

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